frequently asked QUESTIONS

Do you have a storefront?
No. We do not have a storefront space at this time. We operate out of our fully licensed, insured, and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture kitchen.
How far in advance should I book?
Once you have confirmed your wedding venue get in it touch with with us to check our availability for your date. You should place your order as soon as possible. We work exclusively with one couple per week to create that extra special wedding cake experience, popular months book up quickly.   We only take a very limited amount of orders per weekend to give your cake our complete attention that it deserves. For wedding cakes, we recommend at least 6 months (3 minimum) to ensure that your date is available because many of our ingredients have to be specially ordered. However, don’t be afraid to reach out at any time because we may have had a cancellation and that could be your spot now!
What are the prices of your cakes?
Each cake we make is unique to our clients’ requests. We do have a minimum order requirement of  $600.00 (excl. delivery and setup) which typically is a simple 3-tiered wedding cake, which provides approximately 70 portions and is minimally decorated. Most of  our elegant wedding cakes displayed in our portfolio are between $9.50-$14.00+/serving. The final price of your custom cake will depend on size, flavors, the complexity of design, and handmade elements.  Our cakes are covered in fondant with a delicious ganache layer. We offer dessert tables as a lovely addition to your wedding cake order. Dessert tables are priced according to the individual items selected, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on these. All wedding cake orders will require a 50% non-refundable retainer upon booking in order to secure your date. Until the non-refundable, 50% retainer is received, dates remain open to other orders which may pay their retainer first. Bookings are on a first-come, first-paid basis. Please be advised I accept a very limited amount of orders per weekend, so popular days get booked quickly. All wedding cake balances are due 30 days prior to your wedding date.


If you know that you want to have an Dessert Goddess Bake Shop wedding cake, even if you are not sure on designs yet, you can secure your wedding date with us with a $150 non-refundable booking fee. This fee secures your date and your cake tasting and design consultation.


Are your cakes made from scratch?
Heck Yes!!! No box mix ingredients are used in any of our cakes. We make all of our cakes fresh from scratch using the highest quality ingredients that typically need to be shipped in. We believe that you should be able to pronounce all of the ingredients you are consuming.
Do you offer gluten or cakes for individuals with specific allergy needs?
Sorry at this time we do not offer any gluten-free cakes. We cannot accommodate those with specific allergies or dietary needs at this time. Our kitchen and appliances come into contact with peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, milk, chocolate, and eggs.
Do you offer a cake tasting?
Yes, we do! The cake tasting is for 2 people there is a $80 fee. But First!

Prior to booking, we like to have had an initial  telephone call so that we and find out more about your wedding plans and be able to give you an idea of costings and how we work. We don’t need to have finalize the design necessarily at this stage as if your wedding is a long way off, we don’t like to firm designs up until about 6 months before the day.  Please feel out our contact form and we will get in touch to schedule your Meet and Greet call.

During the tasting and design consultation we will sit and enjoy 4 of our most popular flavors of cake. We advise that prior to your consultation, you advise us of any allergies or intolerance that you may have. Also, kindly send us any mood boards/Pinterest boards or sources of inspiration that you may have pulled together for your special day to before the consultation.  During the consultation, we will discuss your ideas to arrive at the perfect cake for you. Please bring with you any elements that you would like us to incorporate or draw inspiration from such as your invitations, color palette, monograms, flowers, lace, etc. The consultation will last approximately 1 hour.


Do you deliver?
We will deliver and set up your cake on the day of your wedding at  your chosen venue. We deliver to  venues across the greater Cleveland Metropolitan, Akron, and surrounding areas, therefore please get in touch to see if we cover your area. This is one less thing you will have to worry about on your special day.  For inquires on special long-distance arrangements, please contact us at .


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