Danyelle Smith

Wedding Cake Designer


So Much to Think About. So Little Time. That’s Where I come In.

I am Danyelle Smith, creator and owner of the Dessert Goddess Cake Shop, co.  I always have had an affinity towards spectacular cakes. My love of cake, and serious sweet tooth, started at an early age. One of my first truly memorable cakes was when I was in kindergarten. My mom had purchased a Big Bird theme cake from the local bakery. I remember being amazed at how the feathers were 3D and stood up and away from the cake, I was awe struck! Over the years I watched my grandmother and mother create beautiful flowers to adorn their homemade confections.  I come from a long line of bakers. The from scratch recipes I use in the bake shop are generationally approved.  Being taught the science of baking by my mom, grandmother, and aunt, I understand the importance of putting love, as well as, the finest quality ingredients to ensure that the cakes I produce are not only beautiful but delectable too!







My journey into “couture” cakes started off as a hobby to relax me.  Over the past decade I have honed my cake skills.  I have traveled all across the United States to take in-person, hands-on classes from world renowned cakes masters. My passion for sweets and loving to see the expressions of pure joy from recipients of my creations turned into an unexpected business, the Dessert Goddess Bake Shop, co. My goal at Dessert Goddess Bake Shop is to provide the Cleveland area with show stopping, stunning, delectable, gourmet desserts made from scratch and with passion.

I believe that not only should your cake look stunning, but it should taste delectable too! This philosophy is why I give meticulous attention to clients to create their dream cake.  Whether you are looking for an opulent, diva-licious, showstopper couture wedding cake or a simple elegant cake for your wedding or a combination of the two for your affair, I can help create your dream wedding cake.

The Bake Shop is at home in Aurora, Ohio and I love meeting and working with different clients to ensure a cake just prefect for you and your special day! I would love the opportunity to speak with you and to create a custom design that will have your guests talking about your delicious, show stopping cake every time they remember your event!

Thanks for visiting Dessert Goddess Cake Shop, co